Stockholm produce biochar with PYREG-facility

Stockholm celebrated the opening of the first PYREG facility for biochar. Four more facilities are planned. The opening of the first PYREG system is also the starting shot for a highly regarded urban environmental protection project in the capital of Sweden.

According to this, the citizens of Stockholm will bring their green waste to various collection points in the city. There, the waste from parks and homes will be turned into biochar with PYREG technology. After that the citizens can take the biochar back into their gardens to improve soil and to promote plant growth in a natural way. In addition to this, by carbonising the biomass residues and storing the biomass into the soil the city can compensate carbon dioxide emissions of around 3500 cars. Part oft he project is also to use the excess energy which is created during the carbonization process and provide heat and hot water for more than 80 apartments in the city.

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Interview of the Bloomberg Foundation with Björn Embrén, one of the organisator of the Stockholm biochar project. The Bloomberg Foundation has honored the unique project with 1 million dollars. 

Björn Embrén, one of the organisators of the Stockholm biochar project and “Tree Officer” in the city, has been testing the positive effect of biochar on plant growth in urban areas for a lot of years. He wrote about his experiences in the Biochar-Journal. 

(picture © stockholm vatten)