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Welcome to PYREG

PYREG is a systems manu­fac­turer and solu­tion provider for envi­ron­ment­ally friendly tech­no­logy systems. As a market leader in carbo­niz­a­tion tech­no­logy, it offers solu­tions for the conver­sion of biomass to biochar or sewage sludge to phos­phorus ferti­lizer. PYREG Tech­no­logy can also be used in the produc­tion of high-quality acti­vated carbon and feeding char from regional biomass resources. The sustainable tech­no­logy contri­butes to the reduc­tion of CO2 emis­sions (improved CO2 foot­print; carbon sink tech­no­logy) through closed mate­rial cycles.

The carbo­niz­a­tion of sewage sludge also solves a global waste problem in a cost-saving way and at the same time produces valu­able phos­phorus as a ferti­lizer substrate. There are already more than 30 PYREG systems in opera­tion world­wide.


Rising raw mate­rial costs, finite resources, exces­si­vely high CO2 emis­sions or image problems – PYREG Carbon Tech­no­logy Systems provides multi-faceted solu­tions for our indus­trial custo­mers. Produce biochar as substi­tute for fossil energy sources or for carbon reduc­tion, use pyro­lysis for mass reduc­tion & produc­tion of rene­wable heat energy… PYREG Carbon Tech­no­logy Systems are indi­vi­du­ally adap­table to a wide array of appli­ca­tions.


Climate changes, heat stress, droughts and heavy rain­fall demand more and more from the soil and thus also from plants and trees. Natural carbon substrates sustainably and gently improve soil ferti­lity, are ideal nutrient carriers and make plants/trees more resistant. With PYREG Tech­no­logy, climate-friendly and high-quality carbon products (biochar, ferti­liser substrates) can be produced from various biomasses.


Natural carbon substrates for improved stable hygiene and enhanced animal welfare are regarded as gentle alter­na­tives to anti­bio­tics or wood chips, lime and chalk. We create the tech­nical prere­qui­sites for this. With our plant systems, high-quality, certi­fiable biochar substrates can be produced from various biomass.


With the energy-effi­cient PYREG Tech­no­logy, rene­wable heat energy can be gene­rated from various biomass and used for further processes. Depen­ding on the system compon­ents, the excess thermal energy can also be converted into electri­city, thus repla­cing fossil fuels and redu­cing carbon emis­sions.


Recy­cling and disposal of various mate­rials is not limited to energy produc­tion and land­fil­ling. With carbo­niz­a­tion tech­no­logy, diffe­rent subs­tances can be hygie­nized, nume­rous pollut­ants elimi­nated and the total quan­tity signi­fi­cantly reduced. Depen­ding on their compo­si­tion, the biogenic resi­dual mate­rials can also be refined into new carbon products by PYREG carbo­niz­a­tion.


Treat­ment and recy­cling of sewage sludge is beco­ming an incre­a­singly sophisti­cated process. With a PYREG system, the sewage sludge is ther­mally hygie­nized, pollut­ants are elimi­nated and the total quan­tity is signi­fi­cantly reduced. What’s more, the phos­phorus contained is recy­cled so that it is avail­able to plants. Sewage sludge can thus be fully utilized in our single-stage, energy-effi­cient carbo­niz­a­tion process to produce an EU-wide approvable ferti­lizer substrate.

Envi­ron­mental facts at a glance

The PYREG systems are compact, decen­tra­lized systems that can be inte­grated easily into exis­ting mate­rial cycles and infra­st­ruc­ture. Due to the CO2 sequestra­tion and the produc­tion of reus­able energy they are not only econo­mi­c­ally but also envi­ron­ment­ally the write solu­tion.

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