Our first system for the produc­tion of activated carbon (A500) has been approved and is now offi­ci­ally in regular opera­tion. The city of Baden-Baden (Black Forest) will use the plant to test various regional resi­dual biomass for the produc­tion of activated carbon as part of the “RE-DIRECT” (INTERREG North-West Europe NWE) rese­arch project.

Why is this so inte­res­ting? In Germany for example we are talking about around 9 million tonnes of organic and green waste from house­holds and garden and park main­ten­ance, which is collected and recy­cled sepa­r­ately every year (UBA 2015, Federal Envi­ron­ment Ministry). With still poten­tial upwards (collec­tion and recy­cling). So far, these 9 million tonnes have mostly only been recy­cled in pure compos­ting plants. That’s not bad, but there are better alter­na­tives (the decom­po­si­tion of organic matter releases a lot of CO2). For example, part of the green waste is very well suited as a raw mate­rial for activated carbon, which is produced by binding most of the carbon and does not release it into the air as CO2…
Under the European label “INTERREG North West Europe” several European part­ners (muni­ci­pa­li­ties, univer­si­ties and compa­nies) are rese­ar­ching how regional mate­rial cycles can be closed in a meaningful way.


  • Customer: Envi­ron­mental tech­no­logy plant of the city of Baden-Baden
  • Loca­tion: Baden-Baden, Germany
  • System: PYREG plant A500, in opera­tion since January 2019
  • RE-DIRECT is part of the European rese­arch programme INTERREG North-West Europe NWE. Offi­cial project title: Regional deve­lop­ment and inte­gra­tion of unused biomass wastes as resources for circular products and economic trans­for­ma­tion. 2016-2019.
  • Aim of the project is the decen­tra­lised and regional utili­sa­tion of resi­dual biomass to produce biogas and activated carbon. 11 project part­ners from Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland and the United Kingdom are working toge­ther.
  • With the PYREG plant A500, among other things, the press cake that is produced from the biomass during biogas produc­tion is to be refined into activated carbon. The activated carbon will then be used for waste­water treat­ment.

→ LINK: Here you can find out more about the project, the part­ners involved, the current project news­letter and much more…