Meet & Greet in Rieden, Germany: In a few days, european biochar experts will meet for the annual confe­rence of the biochar asso­cia­tion (Fach­ver­band Pflan­zen­kohle). This time, the focus will be on how biochar can already make our soils better and our agri­cul­ture more climate-friendly. PYREG will, of course, be there, inclu­ding a presen­ta­tion on the chal­lenges of appro­ving carbon products as ferti­li­zers (Friday, 9.50 a.m.). In Germany, for example, there is no shor­tage of good ideas and successful concepts, but of puplic autho­ri­ties that can and want to follow the state of the art. That’s why European neigh­bours like Austria or Sweden have long since over­taken us…

More infor­ma­tion about the Biochar Confe­rence 2019 of “Fach­ver­band Pflan­zen­kohle” can be found here:

→ LINK: Details about the biochar confe­rence

(photo © jotily – Stock)