“Species extinc­tion, climate crisis – and nothing happens?” – The German Univer­sity of Offen­burg does not want to accept this. Toge­ther with 30 renowned part­ners, the univer­sity has set up a crowd­fun­ding project. The aim is to provide start-up finan­cing for 15 show­case farms that promote biodi­ver­sity to the maximum, actively remove CO2 from the atmo­s­phere with vege­table char­coal, keep the ground­water clean, use only rene­wable ener­gies and thereby secure a good income for farmers.

“The money allows us to carry out the necessary prepa­ra­tory work for the major rese­arch propo­sals and to raise awareness of the topic among the general public,” said the project initia­tors. The farms are to become a world­wide show­case project. Worthy of support, we think. More infor­ma­tion about the project and the link to the crowd­fun­ding page can be found here:

→ LINK: Details about the project and dona­tions

(photo © Thomas Reimer, fotolia.com/Adobe Stock)