Energy from natural resources

Effi­cient systems and rene­wable energy sources are crucial buil­ding blocks for the respon­sible use of our natural resources. PYREG systems are prima­rily desi­gned for the produc­tion of pollutant-free carbon products of diffe­rent quality levels. But we wouldn’t be PYREG if we hadn’t desi­gned our process so effi­ci­ently that it can also be used to recover rene­wable heat energy and produce rene­wable electri­city.
A PYREG system works auto­ther­mally for the carbo­niz­a­tion of input mate­rial (biomass, sludge or indus­trial waste). This means that only energy from the input mate­rial is used to main­tain the thermal process. In addi­tion, an energy surplus of up to 150 kWth is gene­rated in a P500 plant (Stan­dard Unit) and up to 600 kWth in a P1.500 plant (Indus­trial Units). This excess thermal energy can either be used directly for neigh­bou­ring processes (drying, local heating network…) or converted into electri­city by means of a turbine.