Carbon products for indus­trial appli­ca­tions

Carbo­ni­sa­tion tech­no­logy offers a wide range of solu­tions for indus­trial purposes. The areas of appli­ca­tion for carbon products made from rene­wable raw mate­rials are extre­mely diverse and are growing rapidly. They are already used in the following indus­tries

Food industry (dyes­tuff, preser­va­tives)

Cosme­tics industry (dye, adsorp­tion proper­ties)

Auto­mo­tive industry (cabin filters, air condi­tio­ning, adsorp­tion proper­ties, dyes­tuff)

Electrical industry (semi­con­duc­tors, batte­ries)

Construc­tion industry (buil­ding mate­rial with insu­la­tion proper­ties and mois­ture buffer)

Metall­urgy (redu­cing agents)

The carbo­nizates obtained in the PYREG process are not by-products of a primary energy produc­tion process. PYREG systems are desi­gned to manu­fac­ture special carbon products. Various process para­me­ters can there­fore be speci­fi­cally controlled and tailor-made process and product solu­tions created.

A PYREG system natu­rally complies with Euro­pean envi­ron­mental protec­tion stan­dards, and goes even further. The process is desi­gned to be energy effi­cient so that excess heat (rene­wable energy) can be extracted for addi­tional purposes (drying, heating). For example, if the carbo­nizates obtained are subse­quently intro­duced into the soil as ferti­li­zers or bound in buil­ding mate­rials, large quan­ti­ties of carbon can be stored and saved (carbon sink).