At PYREG GmbH, we attach great impor­t­ance to the sustainable and careful use of resources. All plant systems are manu­fac­tured at our company loca­tion in Dörth. Only in this way can we guarantee that our plants really deserve the quality seal “Made in Germany” and meet the latest envi­ron­mental stan­dards.


We not only want to get the best out of our systems, but also out of your mate­rial. That is why we are constantly opti­mi­sing the PYREG process. You can fully rely on the following:

The input mate­rial is comple­tely recy­cled (ener­ge­ti­cally and mate­ri­ally). No harmful by-products are produced.
The PYREG process is so energy effi­cient that addi­tional heat can be extracted and used for other processes.
The input mate­rials are usually biogenic resi­dual mate­rials that are left over from manu­fac­tu­ring processes. There is no compe­ti­tion with food produc­tion