14. November 2019
Sine Friedrich

NEW ASSO­CIA­TION: PYREG is a foun­ding member of Euro­pean Biochar Industry Consor­tium

Biochar has a great deal of (climate protec­tion) poten­tial and there­fore deserves even more atten­tion. At the Euro­pean level, a new asso­cia­tion was founded a few weeks ago, the Euro­pean Biochar Industry Consor­tium (EBI), which is now also online with its new website.

In addi­tion to the German Biochar Asso­cia­tion Fach­ver­band Pflan­zen­kohle and the Inter­na­tional Biochar Initia­tive (IBI), the new consor­tium aims above all to bundle the inte­rests of the (biochar) industry and further promote market deve­lo­p­ment for the produc­tion and use of biochar. PYREG is one of the foun­ding members of the EBI and is of course also a member of the Fach­ver­band Pflan­zen­kohle and IBI. Because only toge­ther can great things be achieved.

→ LINK: Click here to go to the new EBI website

(photo © EBI 2019)



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