Bodo-Joachim Wenden­burg (pictured right) is the new member of the PYREG Manage­ment Board. Toge­ther with CEO Helmut Gerber (pictured left), he is now co-respon­sible for the deve­lop­ment of our company, which specia­lizes in manu­fac­tu­ring recy­cling faci­li­ties and deve­lo­ping envi­ron­mental tech­no­logy.

CEO Bodo-Joachim Wenden­burg will be respon­sible for Finance, Sales and Purcha­sing. Stations of his previous profes­sional career were leadership posi­tions at Inters­nack, Wolff & Olsen and Capital Manage­ment Part­ners. We as PYREG-team are very pleased about his support.