Are you inte­rested in a thermal treat­ment of your sewage sludge with inte­grated phos­phorus recy­cling? The Stan­dard Unit P500 system for sewage sludge is the right choice for you. With its low instal­la­tion costs, high degree of effi­ci­ency and relia­bi­lity, the plant is an ideal solu­tion for decen­tra­lized sewage sludge treat­ment and gentle phos­phorus recy­cling. The phos­phorus substrate obtained is legally permis­sible throughout Europe as a ferti­lizer. By the way, the system can be scaled up modu­larly as required.


PYREG module

l:9,000 x b:3,000 x h:5,800 mm

Tech­no­logy module (with flue gas clea­ning system)

l:6,000 x b:3,000 x h:5,800 mm


Fuel perfor­mance

500 kW

Annual throughput

up to 1,100 t per year (DS, dry subs­tance),
with a calo­rific value of 10 MJ/kg

Annual produc­tion

610 t (+/- 5%) (DS) per year of a ferti­lizer with 10-20 % plant avail­able phos­phorus

Excess thermal energy

up to 150 kWth , can be used for drying of sewage sludge

Opera­ting hours

up to 7,500 h per year

Power consump­tion

approx. 18 kWel