28. January 2019
Sine Friedrich

PREMIERE: First PYREG plant for produc­tion of acti­vated carbon is in opera­tion

The first PYREG for the produc­tion of acti­vated carbon by using water vapour has now been put into opera­tion in Baden-Baden. With the brand new PYREG plant A500, the city wants to test various regional biomass for the produc­tion of acti­vated carbon as part of the EU rese­arch project RE-DIRECT (INTERREG North-West Europe NWE). Curr­ently, the plant peri­phery is still being set up and inte­grated. The first mate­rial tests are already taking place at the same time.


    • Customer: City of Baden-Baden, Depart­ment of Envi­ron­mental Tech­no­logy
    • Loca­tion Site: Baden-Baden, Germany
    • System: PYREG Unit A500, in opera­tion since 2019
    • Euro­pean Rese­arch Project RE-DIRECT (part of the Euro­pean Rese­arch Program INTERREG North-West Europe NWE): Regional deve­lo­p­ment and inte­gra­tion of unused biomass wastes as resources for circular products and economic trans­for­ma­tion, 2016-2019.
    • Aim of project: Conver­ting resi­dual biomass into biogas & acti­vated carbon at smart regional decen­tra­lised units. The project involves 11 part­ners from Belgium, Germany, France, Ireland and UK.
    • The PYREG plant A500 will be used to refine the press cake that is produced from the biomass during biogas produc­tion into acti­vated carbon. The acti­vated carbon will then be used in waste­water treat­ment.

→ LINK: Here you can find out more about the project, the part­ners involved, the current project news­letter and much more…

PYREG is also involved in another regional acti­vated carbon rese­arch project:

PROJECT DETAILS “CO-ACT”, Lake Constance District

    • The rese­arch project “CoAct” is part of the German Funding Measure „Stadt-Land-Plus“, funded by Federal Ministry of Educa­tion and Rese­arch (BMBF) and the Federal Envi­ron­ment Agency (UBA), coor­di­nated by the Univer­sity of Kassel
    • Aim of the project is to be carried out how energy and acti­vated carbon can be obtained from green waste from muni­cipal land­s­cape manage­ment (leaves, grass cuttings) or agri­cul­ture (fruit tree cuttings) at Lake Constance District. 2018-2023
    • Project part­ners: Univer­sity of Kassel, Compe­tence Centre for Climate Protec­tion and Adap­t­ation (CliMa), Insti­tute for Energy and Envi­ron­ment (ifeu), Insti­tute for Rural Struc­tural Deve­lo­p­ment Frank­furt, DVGW Water Tech­no­logy Centre, Lake Constance Foun­da­tion, Krieg & Fischer Company, Lake Constance District, City of Fried­richs­hafen

→ LINK: Here you can find out more about the project here on the offi­cial project website of the Lake Constance Foun­da­tion.


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