Tech­nical system solu­tions for diffe­rent appli­ca­tions

PYREG manu­fac­tures equip­ment for the carbo­ni­sa­tion of various feed­stocks and the manu­fac­ture of high-quality carbon products. We offer you a wide range of tech­no­logy solu­tions. Depen­ding on the confi­gu­ra­tion, our various carbo­ni­sa­tion systems can be used in indus­trial appli­ca­tions, the muni­cipal sector as well as in agri­cul­ture and forestry. Please select from the following list the appli­ca­tion area that suits you best.


Acti­vated carbon produc­tion – envi­ron­ment­ally friendly and clean.


Carbon substrates and CO2 reduc­tion for indus­trial processes and products.


Carbon substrates for soil, plants and trees.

Animal care

Carbon substrates for stable & animal.


Rege­ne­ra­tive heat & power genera­tion.


Envi­ron­ment­ally friendly disposal & refi­ne­ment of biogenic resi­dues.


Thermal sewage sludge treat­ment & phos­phorus recy­cling.