In the past manure came to the field as ferti­lizer. But one of the conse­quences of this prac­tice is envi­ron­mental pollu­tion. Now, stricter limits and longer blocking periods in the appli­ca­tion of manure force agri­cul­ture to rethink. New ways of recy­cling are urgently sought. A rese­arch project of the PYREG and the Tech­nical Univer­sity of Bingen wants to solve this chal­lenge with a carbon ferti­lizer from manure.

Important nutri­ents such as phos­phorus and nitrogen are gently reco­vered and the envi­ron­ment actively protected. The Project is supported with 800,000 Euros by the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agri­cul­ture (BMEL). Project part­ners are: Univer­sity of Bingen, Univer­sity of Geisen­heim, Univer­sity of Gießen, Klass Filter GmbH.