An inter­na­tional team of rese­ar­chers has examined the under­lying mecha­nisms of how biochar (pyro­lized biomass) becomes a potent ferti­lizer. Because: Biochar is not equal to biochar. The carbo­nates promote plant growth and stimu­late soil ferti­lity only when combined with nutrient-rich organic matter, e.g., co-composted biochar. The scien­tists there­fore tested biochar before and after compos­ting with manure.

Their results: The rese­ar­chers iden­tify a complex, nutrient-rich organic coating on co-composted biochar that covers the outer and inner (pore) surfaces of biochar parti­cles. This implies that the func­tio­ning of biochar in soil is deter­mined by the forma­tion of an organic coating.

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