14. September 2020
Jenny Kovach
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Sweden: Max Burgers turns waste into biochar and saves the climate

Pilot Biochar Project: Bioen­ergy with Carbon Capture and Storage (BECCS)


Max Burgers, Sweden’s favou­rite hamburger restau­rant chain, is curr­ently parti­ci­pa­ting in a pilot biochar project enabled by our partner Skånefrö, a Swedish producer and supplier of EBC-certi­fied premium biochar.

Max Burgers is a pioneer in climate friendly disposal of food waste because they know the unplea­sant facts: When wasting food, we are also wasting the carbon which is absorbed through photo­syn­thesis by the plants as natural origin of our food.

Source: https://issuu.com/maxhamburgare/docs/max_climatpositivburger_low/1?ff&e=25478703/62035519

That´s the reason why Max Burgers is now conver­ting lobby waste into biochar in a pilot project. Turning waste into biochar and sprea­ding it on farm­land means that it will stay there for at least 100 years, while impro­ving the ferti­lity of the soil.

In this project, Skånefrö converts food waste from the Max Burgers restau­rant in Ystad into biochar by pyro­lysis, with a PYREG Indus­trial Unit. The PYREG process allows the precise control of the para­me­ters, so that nutri­ents can be recy­cled gently. Tempe­ra­tures of 500-700°C sanitize the waste and elimi­nate any kind of pollut­ants, redu­cing the total quan­tity signi­fi­cantly. This carbo­ni­sa­tion process is desi­gned to be energy effi­cient, so that excess heat (rene­wable energy) is extracted for addi­tional purposes (drying, heating).The biochar is then quan­ti­fied by Ecoera and spread on fields at Skön­a­dals Farm in the area of Österlen. An example of circular economy at its best!

Max Burgers, the most profi­table restau­rant chain in Sweden, is family owned and was founded in 1968. By following the world´s inde­pen­dent stan­dard for carbon neutra­lity – ISO 14021, Max Burgers laun­ched the world’s first climate-posi­tive burgers. How does Max do it? Max measures 100% of their product emis­sions, reduces emis­sions and captures at least 110% of emis­sions. As a result for their work with climate posi­tive products, Max Burgers has received the “Global Climate Action Award” by the UN in 2019.

For further infor­ma­tion please find details here.


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  1. This is fantastic!!!! I will be stri­ving to help compa­nies in the US and Spain do the same. Bravo!

  2. Thank you. With joint effort we get further!

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