The main focus for achie­ving climate protec­tion targets is on finding repla­ce­ments for fossil energy sources. But rene­wable ener­gies can only prevent more CO2 from being released into the atmo­s­phere and thus avoid increa­sing our carbon foot­print. With carbon substrates such as biochar, char­coal feed or carbon fibres, it is also possible to bind and store the carbon from the CO2-over­loaded atmo­s­phere in the long term.

With the PYREG tech­no­logy, you there­fore rely on active climate and envi­ron­mental protec­tion: PYREG systems are envi­ron­ment­ally friendly, clean and energy effi­cient. In addi­tion, you can offset carbon emis­sions created with carbon products (impro­ve­ment of the carbon foot­print).